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Thursday, February 9, 2017

will i remember this

if i’m not here tomorrow
no longer of this earthen bound
and i am left here wondering,

will the air i now breath,
the waft of lilac and the
vision of yellow color pedals
on a sunflower

will i in my next journey
remember the breath of this air,
recall the colors my eyes now
behold of flowers before me?

the whisperings of trees,
running of the streams,
the songs of my avian friends
and howling of crying wolves

my lips sipping on wine
sating my imbibing desire
the taste of strawberries
dipped in cream
and the sentience of my being as
my arms embrace my dear with love
while our hearts flutter in sync
both from smiles and from tears

i wish to remember all this
as i’m cast into this journey’s
end and my soul ascends to meet
with others onto another universe,
a transcending wind