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Thursday, February 2, 2017

kindly embrace

be witness to thy gatherings
nurture and embrace their value
for it is they who make thee
whether joy or laments
both being the attire of one’s ware

for if and when the sun rises
after a dismissive moon of sleep
the garden of thy pickings
shall be where one plays
and thus one's nutriment 

be giving and be kind for this
is what provides the sweetness
of the day and gives comfort to thy
pillow where the head rests at night
and one’s dreams shall be of joy

this life is but a pathway of where
the soul shall ultimately reside
and it will remember the gatherings
of one’s embrace, the path one took
while playing in its garden

and so too, the universal spirit
shall reward thee with the infinity
of riches made only from the best
of all that came before thee
and all that will come after