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Sunday, July 10, 2016

they ask why

not many tears are left within
the cries , the wailings of those
left behind, their stars of night
have disappeared and their days
are dark covered in ominous gray
from the sun and day’s array

i lay me down to sleep and my
eyes close but dreams are absent
only reflections of the day fill me
of blood and anguished hearts
envelop my every breath
seeing the faces of those taken

souls have no faces, no color,
and gender, there is none
we’ve been gifted with life where
music and love reside while other
surrounding ‘being’ observe humans
with disdain for our dissonance

the tree and flower reach up
to try and touch the sun and sky,
the fish that swim the seas and tiger,
elephant and wolf that roam on land
as the eagle soars above, all stare at us
with curiosity and asking… why ?