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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

a moment alone

walked, today, among and amidst
many a patchwork field of pansies,
wisteria, asters and clusters
of vermilion wildflowers

i stop and let my spirit intermingle 
as they sway in the wind dancing 
with the sun’s gentle shadows cast

i spin and twirl then lay upon them
to feel the dirt, to touch the land,
to hear their glee and feel the
chest of Earth, inhale and exhale

tiny critters run away at first until
they sense that i lie here to be with them
to taste the breath of the innocence of life
escape the human toils and strife

i too am but a tiny critter laying here
to bare my soul to the sanguine terrain
of my abode, that rides upon the energy
and the spirit of the universe where soon
we shall all abide

and to this end, insanity shall meet sanity
violence shall meet the peace
dissonance shall greet harmony
chaos will accept the synergy of ‘one’
destroyers shall meet creators
and hate will be squelched by love