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Saturday, January 23, 2016

the world goes on

a long stem daisy
bows to the weight of the rain
next to it stands a sturdy lily
the daisy leans against it
the lily doesn’t mind

an indigent lies on the sidewalk
next to him a mutt of many breeds  
does not bemoan the place or space
he shares, unconditionally, with his friend
watching people just walk by, happenstance 
that's why there they lie but not alone

a child seen running down a dirt street
flailing her arms in screams of cry
cloths torn and, charred, skin burned
behind her parents lie face down
amidst the remnants where but this 
morn they sat together eating morsels

in the fields the rain has ceased
the daisy now stands erect trying to
reach for the sun, the sturdy lily and
its purple peddles praise the sky as
the wind sways them to and fro
this is how the day will go