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Thursday, August 27, 2015

halleluiah, life

in the dawn the flair of sunlight rises
and the choir of birds sing ‘halleluiah’
to the beginning of our new day
and that life is precious in each and
everyone’s own way

oh light of the universe, oh light of joy
bring forth this day’s abundance where
hands join and smiles evince in place of the
folded fist over the sadness and tears
over the hate and wars and heart scorned fears

rid from the minds of those where anger resides
destructive manners preside because they think
this, the only way they will survive, not knowing
that even in the marsh deep in forests, gather
species of all kinds and live in peace amongst each other

we must put our weapons down for they only
bring sadness and tears, they take away the
blossoming of life where love shares the space
and in due time the hand intertwined in another
will replace the clenched fist, the killing gun,
and we’ll grow old rejoicing that ‘life’ won