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Friday, June 12, 2015

tiny sail boats out to sea

Oh, let us walk hand in hand without haste
into the dusk and then into the stars of night
after doting, through the sun lit day, at peddles
fallen from trees dancing in the breeze
as they gently move about like tiny sail boats
on the ripples of an emerging spring

let the silence from our lips speak of our hearts’
beating to the joy of their rhythm as they listen
to the songs of the feathered residents wandering
about with us knowing we had come to see them
play in their abode while serenading us through the day

for I know that your heart laments of soon
departing souls from the tethers of this world
for they have walked days and nights together
like we just did but many more than we are old
so let them sail on those tiny sail boats out to sea
with love and holding hands to where the sky rides
on the oceans's tide, too soon to be, also, you and me


*dedicated to my wife’s lamenting heart for her mom and dad,
  sixty six years together and in love, both soon to sail their boat
  out to sea, possibly together