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Thursday, April 30, 2015


so anguished is a heart
that has been devoid of
love or is unrequited or
one that has been scorned

so bloated with tears is a heart
that through departure it has lost
the soul and shared blood of one
who once ran through its veins

flowers and trees mingle with
birds and clouds with the sky
and rivers are fed from the rains
thus let play the fish in the oceans

the worms and rodents build castles
in the earth while other reptiles and
mammals carry about as they co-mingle
underneath the Sun and Moon

all is well when play and care is shared
then hearts are fond and the winds carry
this joy throughout so if one sees a
heart that aches, mingle with and thus
this shall be reciprocated

“the fountains mingle with the rivers
the rivers with the oceans, the winds
of heaven mix forever with a sweet emotion,
nothing in this world is single all things
by a law divine, into one another’s being mingle
why not i with thine?”
                           P.B. Shelley