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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love in the forest

when first we captured each other’s eyes
from where we stood, not so far,
a look and how it made each other feel
a common aura together brings
a first embrace, a warmth comes o’er
our two bodies touching, our hearts race
at a tender pace as our breath upon
each other’s neck gives way to
the nascence of our love

we gather moments and place them in our nest
where now our two hearts have come to rest  
the planting of our seeds make forests grow
while troubadours sing as fauna play
in the flora amidst the day

lay not still oh eyes and heart
for love never rests
stare into the reverie that comes with
the light of day, breathe its air
and in the night make dreams
where two lovers play
in that forest where they live
where they stay

* for imaginary garden with real toads *