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Friday, March 6, 2015

eyes of March

March entered gently where i am but
distress from nature’s hand disrupted others.
some of us have weathered , minimally scathed,
the brutality of winter’s cold breath 

a quiet sense of spring wonderment is
peering around the corner and our
hearts and spirits soon to be sated by
a sensorial display of flora and aroma

and so too will come the verdant landscape
with pink, red and yellow buds ornamenting
tree lines and in some fields the fauna shall
graze amidst the golden wheat grasses that
dance with the wind like ocean waves

we will pull down from wooden beams
in garages our two wheel friends and
then pedal through neighboring streets
waving at familiar faces who’ve been
sheltering for months from the snow,
from the grey

our spirits shall rise, some to cherub levels
with sounds of playing, having been at rest,
round balls bouncing on pavement driveways,
the whack of bats on baseballs reaching three
and four hundred feet flying o’er fences
then a roar of voices cheering of their flight

and so the human-scape of joggers and bikers,
ball’ers and picnic’ ers shall avail the cold and
recent empty outside space with the warmth of
smiles and laughter and once again a sense
of verve and hope that all will be ok