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Thursday, February 26, 2015

my heaven is you

your fingers long and slender
soft and tender when they touch me
to them i must surrender
and let my heart feel free
…y deje que mi corazon se siente libre

you enter into my life
by walking, standing near me
speaking gentle caring words
where you and i
into each other’s arms doth render
…en los brazos del otro render

whisper in my ear of our yesteryears
how we kissed in the dusk
before our first night together
and we held each other, oh so tight
promising our secret song only to each other
…prometiendo nuestra cancion secreta solo uno al otro

the deep azure in your eyes pierce my soul
your smile envelops me with rapture
and still your gentle touch long and slender
provides me in my waning years
the sustenance of the verve in life,
into my arms, you’ve helped me capture
…en mis brazos me ayudaste a capturar

i awaken in my heart to this in the mornings
wish for this to never end
and when it does which all must do
i shall carry in my soul the love of you and
onto my next sojourn which no matter where,
with you in my heart, will be my heaven
…contigo en mi corazon sera mi cielo