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Saturday, September 6, 2014

welcome the day

Oh, silvery moon that pleasures mine eyes
and the glitter adorning your black veil
many dreams you’ve inspired as i became
a prince, a savior in my reveries

Helios, el sol del mundo,
so many mornings you’ve awaken me
sometimes in a rainbow filled with rain drops
that fall from heaven with hypnotic
tickling upon the window pane liken
the beginnings of my days

so many breaths have been bestowed
upon my heart and soul making me
the wealthiest of all, not needing to be
sustained or tethered by worldly possessions

i’ve been given the greatest of treasures
the most wondrous of gifts
through sharing my heart, my soul,
when first i learned i was loved

truly grateful to be instilled with this
and in light that my gratitude may fall
upon an unfeeling universal spirit
my heart is still better for it