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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


before you, i stand naked
but for a gold chain
hanging from my neck
with a gold carved small eagle
also an Aztec calendar pendant
as titivation

a symbol of my inner soul
where in a different journey
i soared like an eagle and
my day was ruled by
of an Aztec sun and moon

and when i lay my eyes to close
i am taken to this place
in the spirit of the universe
where truth aligns and
shares the dark of space

peering down i witness a curious
bipedal species traversing upright
no feathers, not much hair
moving about holding each
others hanging limbs picking my
blueberries and apples off the trees

they seem a calm and peaceful bunch
they herd together and bend their limbs
sit about in circled rings on grassy knolls
making noise coming from their throats
as they leer up at me and i stare down
wondering of them, how it is to be

i wander on, through soft clumps of white
letting the wind lift me underneath my wings
i come upon the earth bound sky of water
instinctively my talons appear
and i soar down, down to clench
the silvery scale of a meal meant for me

upon a promontory i perch to feed
my belly full, preen my feather coat
and reflect upon the curious species
i came upon seemingly calling up
toward my sky wishing to be like me

crickets chirping awaken me.
i sense a pair of eyes staring down from above
leering upon me curiously as if to wonder
what it would be like to be me
my eyelids blink open, i stare into darkness
but for a slither of defused white light
piercing through a window blind