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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

“the soul would have no rainbow if the eye had no tears”

my eyes have seen the sky kiss mountain tops
they have witnessed trees play in the wind
the breathless capture of Eagles soaring in and out
through cotton clouds while playing tag with the Sun

my eyes have drunk the tear drops falling from above
and momentarily blinded by the flashing spears of Thor
as i would run through the forest smiling at my reflection in
pristine streams as creatures play watching me naked that I am

my eyes have captured mothers kisses of their child
the frolicking of fathers with their sons till dusk
taken to the crimson and gold sunsets as the day begins
to wane yet realizing it is just sleeping till the waking
by a flaming sun promising us a new day

these calm and heart-warming visions calm mine eyes
yet in their periphery have also witnessed pangs of life
in the tears of mother’s loss and the fathers letting go
their sons to that human tragic game called war

being blindly lead to believing they’re way of life is being
threatened, woven through a mesh of distrust and fear mongering
by the selfish needs of the power hungry promulgating
a one option notion only; to eliminate challengers to their hoarding ways

Nature’s bed has been scathed and ravaged by the uncaring hand
where these eyes had once seen verdant fields and seas of joy,
tears flow from smog filled air once where Eagles called their lair
now falling through grey sky onto the scorn of Earths disrepair

in the slightest of soft voices coming from the nights  
are the lamenting hearts from our children begging, outright
through songs of hope pleading to us if love still remains within
our souls to leave them forests to play amidst and oceans to sale
and with their own eyes, maybe, to see that rainbow in the sky


in dedication to imaginary garden with real toads