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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

smile, fills the space

Oh, smile, you who lingers in the corner
where you’ve chosen to hide. come out take the place
of sadness for it has stayed too long.

come out, smile, take the place of pain and anguish
for my bones have become brittle and can no longer
carry the weight

if you could just but for a moment peer out
to give my heart my soul a little moment of reprieve
from the misery of struggle, from the cry of strife

i will welcome you with the warmth of my
embrace and coddle you and of this sadness,
take its place

i will sing for you and play my guitar
and run through fields of wild flowers,
kick and splash the waters of the creeks and
streams and if you evince with the day

the radiance of your smile, the sun will
foster from me in the same .
humbly, i’m but a speck in the multi-universes
but with a smile i fill the whole of space