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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

chrysanthemums in Spring

walking out to greet the day
unknown to what will come my way
the wind whispers through leaves of trees,
a waft of a lilac bush brings forth
a long and cleansing sneeze

a burst of laughter I then release
hiding anguish and sadden tears
a purging of jagged edges in my soul
where guilt resided and placed on hold

the fingers of the sun Spring the day
touches all in a radiance kind of way
and like a child carefree out at play
my spirit of verve is here to stay

bring to me your breath of fresh
tears of joy in morning dew
let me feel mother natures’ earth
under my feet free of shoes

this day speaks of the good and averse
in life like a shawl  o’er my shoulders
a chrysanthemum with my own hands
is knit and woven in, a symbol of
the elixir of immortality in the I Ching