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Saturday, April 26, 2014

mamasita, for you i sing

celebrated the remembered day of mothers
greatest gift to me, my birthday, yesterday
tomorrow will be remembered in infamy
of the day her soul departed to life’s destiny

a day of celebration comes around so quickly
a piƱata hangs for excited little tots
for me, inside, there are no candies no little gifts
but joy does come in seeing family and their little kids

tomorrow I shall celebrate the spirit of the angel
who gave me life, who gave me love amidst
her struggle and her strife, she filled my days with
the joy of song to distract from the rumblings
of an empty belly and grumblings of a disheartened soul

for so many years prior, selfishly I'd lament her absence,
the empty space when no longer could I hear
her voice as days left scars and her soothing words…
(la vida es duro, mi hijo, todo va a estar bien)
Life is hard, my son, all will be ok’

I shall sing and celebrate tomorrow the songs she left behind
that would soothe me when i was lonely and alone
reminding me of a world where love is present even
after many years have passed and now that she is gone

a passage from her song;
‘si hoy el cielo se cubrio, quizas manana, brilla el sol’
(today the sky is covered grey, maybe tomorrow the sun will shine)