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Monday, April 21, 2014

eyes of mauve and pink

I have seen your eyes before,
your smile in my dreams, i think 
I sense that we have touched
but I can’t remember where
or when

when I close my eyes
I see you walking away from me
and my voice calls out
why are you leaving
you turn around and smile

it was then wasn’t it
that we had rolled about
in mauve and pink
flowers I think
above a knoll of green

we rolled down and down
you fell atop of me
we kissed you took
your hand and touched me
then I did the same to you
once again we kissed
but this time deep

I remember you asked
…will you remember me
when you awaken from your sleep
how we rolled about and kissed
eyes deep of mauve and pink
for that moment didn’t we love
it was Spring, I think…