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Thursday, March 6, 2014

dark friend

Oh darkness you give space
to light, holding all objects
in their place while they
travel here and there

stars burn seeming inexhaustible
throwing their light
onto moving rocks making
them shimmer and they ornament
the blackness of your dress

they all move freely
some with burning tails
yet some are made of ice
as they travel about
at the speed of light

what energy is possessed
with dark gloves holding them
as they do their thing, wanton
yet seemingly free running,
across the blackness
of your space

but is this face truly black
or do my eyes deceive
whilst all your toy stars
burn in white, red, green  
and gold some consumed in
bellies of black holes
light and all
oh dark energy, do you have
a conscience like I do,
a cognition that knows all
and holds the strings that move
this universe in the dark

our eyes see the light
and the objects hurling in flight
but we are blind to the energy
held in the darkness where all reside

a dark energy that dispells theories of
dimensions and relativities in a universe,
maybe even more than two,
with strings and an embylical of consciousness
incomprehensible to our human view