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Sunday, February 16, 2014


yesterday I saw a face of a young man
eyes closed body cold all the inner organs
removed but the suit was pressed nicely
it lay there undisturbed by the many hands
walking by to touch and say a goodbye

sadness, tears, some waliing filled this space
not just for his souls surprising departure
but of how he chose to cease his beating heart
stop the pain causing him to scream loudly
but quietly inside where no one else could hear

he chose to quiet these screams echoing
through the air down the rivers bend
as his body sped downward with gravity
mindlessly down, down  off a bridge
that didn’t even know his name

his mother his father his brothers his sister
his children their mother didn’t know
of his wishing to fly away. wanting to discard
the insuperable pain yet recklessly leaving behind
questions and queries and those screams  
the screams that now reside in them