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Thursday, November 28, 2013

letter from the heart

     you have pushed me away too often
   when I have tried to touch your heart
              you’ve not given me a chance
    that emptiness inside you still remains
                 you bath in dark waters
                          the gray clouds that circle above you
            will not let the sun in
to warm you  to enrich you  to brighten your day
         do you not think you deserve me
                         i can give you smiles
           i can give you joy
                    relieve your pain for a while
                                this anguish you have felt for so long
         that you don’t understand
                 and probably never will
                         I can fill that void
once you hold me       once you let me in
                                you will wonder why you stayed away so long
                 you need not run away any longer
       your world will change
you will ask me never to leave you
                   so give me a chance

       Hope to see you soon