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Sunday, September 1, 2013

sweet memory

Tenderly I’ve stroked your ears
rubbed your eyes
kissed your lips
held your hand
we’ve listened to each others heart
wiped each others tears

now distance has replaced
the presence of your lovely face

no longer do you hear me
nor see me when I look at you
you’ve forgotten the moist
warmth of our kisses
and their intended consequences
your fingers no longer
intertwine in mine
to pull us toward each other

our two hearts still beat
though no longer in rhythm and sync
our tears, yes our tears
are shed but for different causes
different reasons no longer do
you wipe them as you walk away

we’ve lost each other
in the haze the maze of life

I have
the sweet memory  
of your voice
the sparkle of your eyes
the warm memory
of your soft skin pressed
against mine
your tender lips
but not least
the memory that once in time
our two hearts
beat as one