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Thursday, August 29, 2013

mist of 'life'

I am the wet grey mist
that hovers in the dusk
next to street lamps
rolls in with the morning dew
sometimes I’m mistaken by fog
when I ascend from the waters’ edge

you walk in me and through me
inhale me into your being not
knowing you have assimilated
with my soul the only thing
you know is that your blouse
is damp and moist it clings
to your back and enhances the
soft voluptuousness of your breast

your hair begins to strand
down your shoulders as if you just
walked out of the shower
and had not dried it yet
your brow beads with
drops of my soul it glistens
on your face

you begin to realize that I’m
there inside you everywhere
and as you stroll slowly methodically
down the cobblestone street
you gaze upon the verdant rolling hills
and you tilt your head upward
and gaze upon the sky
giving praise that you are here
I am the mist of ‘life’