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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

today and Tomorrow

I cradle this moment with you by my side
Spring has touched us with tender moments
and now giving the same to others
Fall has come and now leaving
laying russets at our feet and in our hair

Soon angel dust shall fall from heaven
a white sheath of coolness shall evince
giving brightness to the dark of night
and all that was obscured will come to light

Limbs of trees shall glisten and glitter
with the waking of the day
and foliage will sparkle with the touch
of tender fingers from the morning sun

Bells and chimes will be heard surreally from afar
the echoed voices of children playing in the snow
shall distract from frozen fingers and toes
and give some joy to those with solemn woes

In this season of celebration
for those of us who have warmth and love
and gives us cause to,
share with those who have not,
today but don’t forget tomorrow