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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wish 'Adieu'

Wish I could take your frown
turn it into a smile
could take your pain
and assuage it for a while

Wish I could fill your hunger
with food and drink
take your emptiness
sate it from its brink

Wish your empty heart
could feel the love
you forgot you were given
when mother gave you birth

Wish I could show you
the sunshine as I see it
sprayed onto Blackeyed Susans
between the toes
of my naked foot

Wish your sadness disappear
your life has journeyed many a year
and behind the gathering tear
see the light that wanes all fear

Wish your minutes were long
and the hours longer
but the rough winds blew
and now your days are few

Wish when time has come
for your soul to depart
you’ll feel my hand in yours
knowing our hearts never to part