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Saturday, December 29, 2012

souls at rest

My body wakes from its dreams
it senses the warmth of your breath
your long eye lashes caress your cheek
as you sleep knowing my soul
lies next to you

Another day another night ascends
onto the divine of our time together
the many days of Spring seasons
have come and gone but not without
our sharing kisses in each others' arms

The many misty mornings covered in dew
and we’ve awaken together to, our wonderings
of when it lifts, will we see the pedals that fell
at our feet when in the dusk of the night before
we strolled as two young lovers do

Nature’s canvas is now painted winter white
and how many of these have we cuddled to
reading and listening to the cracklings
the kindling of the flames flailing about
our faces glowing mesmerized and warmed

My body now aches and my skin no longer taught
with wrinkles and folds from many seasons
past but our souls that lie next to each other
show no signs of age for the love we hold
time dare not come between

When our folds of skin become earthen ware
underneath some other lovers feet
our souls shall be their mist, we'll surf the pedals
on brooks and streams and
we'll ride the wind of Spring,
we'll smile of embers' glow upon their faces
on winter's nights