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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Stillness, how loud it is
its quiet screams of yesteryears
while hovering over joy yet
embraces desolate space
where pain resides and tears
flow like rapids in deep rivers

Stillness forces time to slow
yet aging is in the forefront
and the eyes when not closed
see the dark spots on the hands
between the crevices of life’s folds
the aches of labored past reside
when planting beds with mother and
now they grow where she rests

Stillness, it coddles love’s caress
where moments of gentle kiss
and warm breast pressed upon
my chest and her softness tantalizes
my finger tips as she screams
in loving yet lustful pleasure
when they tiptoe between her hips

Stillness lets music pleasure my ears
listening to songs from crooners in my day
and reminiscent melodies that inspired
my choice and desire to live when
all around me was destruction, pillage and death
losing faith in humankind

Stillness has found its abode
within me today for I choose to listen
to its praise hearing the birds sing,
seeing this mornings sun rise
while Jules and Jaz lay at my feet,
grateful, I awoke from my last night's sleep