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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

'good morning'

I step outside in the very early morn,
the moon is giving me a departing wink,
Venus and Mars are giving a sleepy yawn,
a diminishing glitter before they too
cover themselves under their daylight blanket

The still dark air gently pricks my skin
with a soothing cool, standing barefoot,
bare chest and in night time ‘skibbys’
awaiting to hear the morning rustling of
winged friends and their waking chorus,

the alarm for the 'sol'

My breath goes deep, as deep as I can,
making it a memory, a moment,
so when I depart this mundane nest
I shall recall this morning wake
giving praise for this gift

With this grateful beginning
I commit today to give
with thought and word,
open my hand to those that need it
with non-perishables, unused clothes

My means are nominal in earthen ware
but my spirit is nimble my heart does care
they embody health and willingness
to give, to share, it’s heartfelt beat
with whomever or whatever accepts
the selfless crumbs I lay

at their feet