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Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome, New Year

The fresh Spring gave pleasure
of new birth to my eyes,
my sense of smell delighted
in the aroma of Nature’s breath

the summer sun caramelized me,
the wind and ocean tide
blew my hair, the cool sea brine water
cleansed the sand away,
I stood naked in relative significance
not unlike the ocean waves splashing
against the cliffs applauding the seagull’s
riding the wind

The fall dressed me in Autumn reds,
while robins, wrens made their beds
knowing a cool breeze from the north
would soon coat with white the homes,
accost our finger tips our toes
with bites of frost and numbness,
resent the abandonment of the warm

This conical of vision
and small web of existence
is my denizen, built and moldedpro
every year by all that shares
my abode, melded into my
realm of wonton change
volitional prescribed proscription
not unlike anyone else’s
of common cognition

A year is but a window into Life
composed into a time piece
by our forefathers to reflect upon
their mundane accomplishments,
attempting to cheat the darkness
with light wanting to manage
the seasons and sleep

I smile when spring appears
I am that summer sun,
the changing colors of the fall,
together melded in this conical vision
through all my aging years

Let’s feed our hungry
give to the poor,
speak of world wide calming,
start a new calendar
by our commitment to ending ‘war’.