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Friday, October 21, 2011

This is for 'U'

I embrace my sadness
my tears fall
with violent splatter
near my feet
No one hears them
No one feels their pain

my human make up
unwittingly assailed
with passioned emotions
from sad and distraught
graduating to glee and elation
are disguised in uniqueness,
seemingly, from other
variant Life forms

cerebral inheritance
vacillates in appreciation
by it’s limited ability
anguishing by the indiscernible
esoteric knowledge
distant and ungraspable
by human understanding
of our genesis:
a conceived Deity as our maker
or are we a byproduct of ‘meme’ (R.Dawkins)
via higher intelligence

are mundane human conditions
arising from ethnic, race and cultural prejudices,
uncompromizing ideologies, religiosity,
for the equitable distribution
of earthly riches
and to this
I lament
my tear drops go unheard