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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Angel in Spanish
you cast upon us
so many smiles
even if, but for a little while
you stole away
the mundane

This day will be yours
as a celebration
of what you left with us
a memory
the Angel who brought
this world a smile

You comforted me
when all the while
your gleaning smile
while repairing mine
did not speak
of your own trials

Selflessness is an
angelic trait
and I’m sure the reason
why your friend,
your Mom
named you Angela

Gracias for my Smile
and when I do
it will be for you
A welcoming key
you’ve left with us
that opens the gate
where clouds form
the floor boards and tile

The door bell sounds
of heavenly rings
and in the closet rung
now hang your wings