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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life Goes On

Restless, rambling thoughts and memories
of how the years have crept up on me
Mother and brothers speak to me
from that other world, oh the absence,
the void, Life goes on

Sadness abounds in natures devastations
Human suffering, the pain of unexpected loss
recovery mode for those who are
the survivors, Life goes on

Children playing in the streets
young lovers walking hand in hand
trees are full with leaves
a waft of a lilac bush, begonias, Spring
Life goes on

Chards of sun rays break through
grey wind blown stratus clouds
light droplets spill over a rainbow
sprinkle upon pedals making them sparkle
Life goes on

A robin holds a tiny twig in its beak
closely watches my approach toward her tree,
bright red cardinal perches on the feeder,
a redwing black bird eats seeds on the ground
it tilts it’s head chattering at me
Life goes on

On my driveway with a cup of coffee
breathe deep fresh air into my lungs,
kiss my wife standing next to me,
our quadripedal ‘kids’, Jules and Jaz
chase the ducks and squirrels
Life goes on