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Monday, March 21, 2011

Native Value

My Native American Children
I hear your screams
these words I speak to you
that you may find a balance
in your sense of Value and for Hope

When you awaken in the morning
ingest the air knowing
that breathe comes from
Mother Earth’s breast to share

You must open up your eyes
your ears, your sense of feel
in that which you touch
and smell, see and hear
it today, for it has value

Go out and run outside bare feet
and capture in this freedom jaunt
the sight of Mother Nature's dress
and know every step you take is yours,
no one can take this away

For those born without legs
without sight, cannot hear or speak
the one who runs will
share their eyes, their ears, their feet

This gives true value to life
and provides the hope that’s lost
in the empty caverns of the heart
and to the desired comfort of the soul

Disdain those things that others have
for they have placed false value
on hoarded objects they must own
in order to feel their own worth

Do not be captured by their desires
for unbeknownst to them these very objects
take away their personal freedom
owning parts of their soul

Giving not taking,
sharing not hoarding
fills the heart and soul
with a feeling of Life's value
that sense of Hope

I am a person born of Indian maiz
in a land older than yours
where many mornings I have walked
upon this Earth, taken many jaunts
given thought aplenty of where
my soul deserves to reside
whether in this mundane existence
or cutting it short by my own hand
I have found, though, in this clouded
sense of Hope, a prevailing Love

“Be Here Now, Remember”