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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today I think of all those floating souls
whose feet would carefully step
each morning upon those Asian stones
not knowing of the wake roaring upon their shore
to swallow them taking them away
from their morning walks

Lifelong fishing craft now slurry through
inland fisheries wiping them away
downriggers hitch on planks separated
from other fisherman’s crafts
catching now upon strewn debris
floating down the once Sunday morning
market filled streets

They are spiritual and resilient souls
whose markets will soon once again
align the streets with fresh fish,
fresh greens, vegetables and
the netted pockets of rice

Sendai, your souls will meet with those
who now float above the mudslides of Chile
those of northeastern Australia and New Zealand
the still wailing cries of those from Haiti

We’ll praise and celebrate your lives
Raise our glasses filled with Sake
Chilean Pisco, Australia’s Coopers
Haiti’s Curacao
Here, Here, to the spirits long remembered!

PS: Dai-ichi please keep your mouth shut
       otherwise we'll fill it with the sand left
       from Chernobyl