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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Untie Me

Used to be tied in a knot
Have recently been untied
My ears are now clear
My eyelids open
My chest can inhale deeply

I don’t know if I like being untied
Free, dangling
Where anyone can tie me
Into the knot they wish

Now I can be tethered
Anchored under water
Tied to a kite, soaring
Hold turkey legs together
Hug a roast
Thrown into a heated oven

They use me to tie wrists
I travel around the world on packages
Best of all, though,
Some use me to steady
sweet smelling flowers in their gardens,
Roses to the trestle

I’m used in parables
'Thread of Life'
Morphed into metaphysical theories
(the string theory)
Used as metaphors
‘held together by a thread’

I guess I don’t mind
being used to tie things together
Don’t know if I like being in a knot
But I also don’t like being
‘left dangling not knowing,
hanging by a thread’ .

I’m all knotted up