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Monday, January 10, 2011

Gabby's Chant

A chant like a song
A refrain for equity, for parity
ascends from her voice

She sings the words
from her heart, her soul
‘this nation embraces all of us
in the words of our Constitution’

A crack rings out
The song is quieted
Screams resound
She falls and
a child of 9/11/01
lay beside her
on a carpet of red
now breathless

The chant has stopped
muffled by an angry hand
holding a weapon
given to him by the very ‘rights’
of the verses being sung

Her chant; ‘Our Constitution provides
us all the …freedom of speech;
peaceable assembly and the right
to petition the Government for
the redress of grievances‘.

Bullets will not quiet voices, convictions
we've tried this with 'wars'
The taste of liberty, freedom
remains in memory, in songs
chants by those with the courage
to sing on Mall corners