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Monday, June 28, 2010

Stop and Smell the Lilies

Walked past this lily that caught my eye
Tall light green stalk
bright sunrise yellow pedals sprawled wide
like arms reaching for the sky
it was screaming at me
‘look at me’ with my freckles
So I stopped stood in front of it
bent forward as if I was going to consume it’s scent
but I only wanted to get a closer look
Bristly fibered fingers rise from the center
wearing green and brown tiny stamen caps
They proudly stand soldierly in display
without emotion they stand erect
waiting for their diurnal command
from the next wind that blows
causing their caps to fall off slowly down
onto the ground, brown black soil below it’s rooted feet
There they rest in silence until the following
annual seasonal ascent
when once again we’ll meet

I’m glad I stopped to ‘smell the lilies’