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Monday, June 21, 2010

pass it on

As my eyes are resting closed
that incandescent lamp that hangs
from the darken sky of night
tugs like the strings of a puppeteer
with high tide that ebbs onto the shore
and it’s vanity reflects upon the seas

But as I sleep the tug of life’s angst
and gravity also tugs upon my being
for the strings of time never sleep
upon my night time dreams
and day time reveries
lines and folds on my face will show
that were not there the day before

a harkened spirit arises with the sun
and with the sounds of avian play
I inhale the breath of a new day
and I choose to share a smile
with those who care

I do not have the strings
like the moon upon the seas
nor the sun’s fingers that grow the trees
but a kind word or a smile from me
will move someone’s heart or soul
to share with someone else
and pass it on and on and on …