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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Will you share my day

Every morning that I wake
I reflect upon the dreams
that were just present in my head
I reflect upon what I was
the day before
What significance was my existence
Who did I encounter
and how did I touch them
I sat out on my patio
sharing the moment with
the water fountain that trickles down
as the sound of water falling
enhances my cognizance and consciousness

My day will once again begin
and who shall I walk with and talk to
Will my words beckon
someone else to share my thoughts
Will their eyes look upon what mine see
Will their eyes see the same colors the same aesthetics
Will the waft of smells I capture
as I walk the day
be the same for someone else
Will they share the sense of joy
and will their eyes also see
the poignancy of someone else’s day

When I hold my lover’s hand
will she feel my warmth
and hear my heart palpitate
As we stroll together through the day
observing the wind sway the maples and the oaks
listen to the mellifluous sounds
of the songs sung by our avian friends
And when we stop to touch each other’s lips
will she inhale the breath of my spirit
and for the rest of the day
will she ‘walk in my shoes’
and make the existence of my day, full