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Monday, May 24, 2010

moment alone

When all seemingly is asleep
And night has replaced the day
When sounds of crickets, cicadas and bull frogs
Fill the darken air
Replacing the avian sounds
As the sun descends
I sit alone wondering
do they whom I walked with today
Shared my words and smiles
feel the presence of the void
In my absence at the end of the day

Do the oceans cease to roar
Amidst the howling winds
That cause rolling waves
To run ashore
And the sea dwellers
Descend to the black and cold
While I sit here all alone

These tears they fall down
Without a sound
For no one hears them
They’ve crested dry upon my cheeks
As my eyes have now closed
I’ve cried myself to sleep
In my reveries and dreams
No longer am I alone