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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It falls from way up high
If you look straight up while it’s falling
it looks like translucent streaks of meteorites
angrily attacking the earth of where you stand
When it hits your face
it refreshingly stings but only for a micro second
then it splatters into a wet cool
It runs down your cheek and neck
Your ears fill with small puddles
Your hair flattens but glistens in a sheen
You can feel trickles run down your bare arms
Your t-shirt becomes heavy wet
Then your pants are weighted
and you can feel your socks and shoes
fill with a 'squishy' feel
This is a welcome rain

At times when you see it coming
you run from it as if the drops are
slings of demon arrows
If you don’t hide from them or
take shelter from their pummel
they will destroy the vanity
that you’ve cosmetically created
and this persona will be destroyed
Like the mythical figure that turned around
to look and consequently turned into salt
This rain becomes an unwelcome nemesis

Gray days sometimes last forever
The constant little pings that strike
the window panes as your saddened eyes
stare out and although those drops that fall from above
never touch your face they magically appear
Trickling down your cheeks
They seem to escape in a ductile purge
that evokes a sniffling response
and a deep pensiveness emoting
a nostalgia with a focus upon grief
from loves lost and loves unrequited
This is a rain both unwelcome and yet welcome