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Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthday Dance

Today, April 25, I choose to dance
my hips may no longer move freely
as my real ones once could
but my heart, my spirit still wish to dance

There’s music all around
if not, then why do birds sing
with the soft and rhythmic chords
played by the breeze and wind

The trees they also sway
the flowers and wild growth play
and if I look upon the seas
they ripple and they wrinkle
bringing upon the shore
a crescendo bass, a roar

If my legs hold out
I will once again dance
upon the trails that beckon my approach
with every step I take
upon pines and maple leaves
fallen from the forest trees

The sounds of broken twigs
are followed by scurrying sounds
and the rustling abounds
of tiny ground forest dwellers,
and their friends perched on limbs
the kindred songs of pine warblers

These dance steps that I now partake
come from my heart, my soul
in celebration along with a birthday cake
With love of life on this day
my Mother gave me birth,
Ironically, on this same day of the year
three years ago, it seems so near,
she left onto that other journey,
one we must all travel through ’happenstance’,
reminding me, that whilst I’m here,
and while I can, yes, I must dance!