Sunday, December 1, 2019


the hours that were to be sated

in nocturnal dancing of dreams

from day-time delights and whimsy

were instead replaced by open and

awaken eyes in reveries of resentment

my spirit is being frayed by thoughts

thriving in the dark of resentment for

my aging years being worn in a body that

can no longer run but walks in pain and

discomfort with every labored step

so as not to disturb the restful sleep and

tenor of quiet and calm of my love lying

next to me, i slowly rise to hobble over to

the designated cushioned seat and sit with

night light beside to gather words in writ

sleep evades me and my synapse flair

with reflections of when i was bathed in

youth filled waters, i would swim t’if a

dolphin and on these river banks, my

legs could run and prance like deer

resentful of all who have too early departed

leaving my heart in tatters, my life re-sorted

but in the wake of this upending, the sun will

rise and set, the moon will smile and stars

glitter and amidst all this, Love shall still reign