Monday, November 4, 2019

dare i sleep

mine eyes they close

but i do not sleep

my diurnal stay keeps

my mind racing of

curious queries, thoughts

and memories of faces

 with smiles but most

with not carrying frowns

of angst and scars

from life’s pangs

sometimes i think, my

soul doth dread that

if mine eyes do close

they may not open

once more, for it knows

that my days before me

are no longer in the equal

number of those behind

and the love within will

somehow decline

i fear not death, for i do

know that it is like every

breath that i take, i know

not if one will follow, for

not knowing of this doth

not arise to fear, as it is

what must come, though

i do despair that my heart

may no longer feel of that

which i have learned to love

1 comment:

  1. I resonate with this poem, my friend. I dont dread death either....but I will miss the beauty of this earth plane.