Monday, September 9, 2019

battle of the heart

...battle of the heart
like the Flower that is left but with a couple of petals,
or the Tree that has been denuded of its verdant leaves
all this after Mother Nature’s anger has befallen upon
them with its wrath
my Heart is barely hanging on to the desire for living
for it is being dismembered of its passion of its verve
and Love of life that comes from the inherent spirit of
what life is in this mundane existence
the intrinsic fiber of life must be beheld as a gift so
that when the Birds sing, mine ears perk up to listen and
when the Sun’s fingers pierce the clouds giving the day
its worth as the night awaits the Moon for its turn
when the Dolphin jumps out from the sea in joy and so
too the Orca, and the white caps of tides dance about
because that is what they do in fulfilling their duty as
the Feng Shui of the Earth’s ocean's blue
this heart, my heart as an empath, is in anguish while it
rides this storm of pain and sorrow being thrust upon so
many by Nature’s hand and more so from fellow beings
through transgressions of heartless hate
like the trees and flowers intertwined at their roots,
the rivers with oceans through streams, the wind on
clouds, valleys at the feet of mountains, and the Eagle
soars in the sky, the Wolf traverses the earth's terrain,
and we, to each other's hearts

1 comment:

  1. Marco, my heart is an empath too, in much pain at so much that is wrong on a planet so beautiful. Last night I dreamed a wolf message. I will write about it now. It is hard to hold onto hope with things so dark. Yet human beings are still there , in the trenches, reaching their hands out to one another, even though our leaders are impossibly heartless.