Wednesday, March 28, 2018

the visit of forever sleep

oh sleep, you have abandoned me
you only visit on occasion and when
you do, it’s but for a moment or two

i realize that i make little room for you
with thoughts of abandoned children
whose life on earth is hell, scared of
waking to explosions that have already
taken brothers, sisters, mom and dad

oh sleep, come and visit just for a while
so that my body will regain its strength
and my heart and soul its rest

soon the ache in my heart for the hungry
who feel abandoned by humankind
shall subside and the pain of sorrow
for those discarded to the wayside because
they’ve been deemed a burden shall wane

i wish to dream of oceans and streams, of
Mountains and trees, of fauna skirting about
joyfully amidst the waft of flora in a gentle breeze

i shall cease from allowing the words of a tyrant
engulfing my mindset, affronting my every step of
my waking hours with the oppression of his imposing
dictates that have duped a flock of followers who
care little about the hearts and minds of others

oh sleep, i shall make room for you to visit soon
once the love of my life feels comforted in that
her health will be rejuvenated to where she
and i shall walk hand in hand along the sandy
beach, morning to dusk, where we’ll then lay down

together for that long forever restful sleep

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