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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

death has not been kind

death, has not been kind to me lately
its darkness has invaded my space,
all the chambers of my heart
and the once silken nebulae of my soul

death, its solemn has stolen my smile
taken the Sun away in those moments
when i needed light and warmth and
my breath without labor

death takes the song that once inspired verve
now struggles to find the tune
harmony has given way to dissonance
treble has found a home in the base clef

when once the Sun’s golden hand touched my eyes
and an aviary of life would lift my spirit
in the morning’s awakening loft, now a
dredge prevents my soul to rise

death is, incessant tears leaving folded paths
about my cheeks on unwanted wrinkles
of my face from unmitigated sadness, within,
filling the caverns and crevices in all of me

the eagle within now perched to rest
awaits the sunlight to replace 
the gray of death and it will once again
soar while the call of the wolf’s howl shall
praise the day and at night watch the moon
beams kiss the sea