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Saturday, June 25, 2016

the breezes blowing

the breezes blowing now with a breath of cause,
too long lately, storms have twisted and broken all
as the devil’s thick water seeps through the ground
turning black the ocean blue where our neighbors
of the sea no longer can swim, no longer can breathe

fear has turned white clouds to an ominous gray
where once were kind and gentle souls are now forced
to defend their nature from the angry and the vile
when once they walked amidst the arc of the rainbow
not to look for gold but to wear the colors as attire

sadness now reigns with winds blowing pain like sand
in a swirling storm finding crevices unseen unknown,
whilst left unspoken, hides starvation and the toils of
human suffering beguiled in the dark, not from the
absence of the sun but from an apathy of the heart

where to, shall we human form now take ~
a path of calm gentle peace and harmony,
so Earth can breathe once again, the hungry
to eat, fauna to run and play, flora to paint the sky,
letting the soul, the spirit of Earth to live on ?