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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

our shadows touch

seeing my shadow cast by the sun
walking outside today, i thought
does it cast in the same
by the light of the moon ?

not unlike when i breathe,
never the same air
or my hand dipped in a river,
where and when water sifting
through my fingers, never the same

every mornings’ waft of lilac, rose
and lily, so too their shadows
dance in the breeze, always different
from day to day, whilst their 
movement, the sun's rays conduct

like the osprey flying o’er the black
sea at night, it knows no matter
of its flight only that the wind
underneath lets it soar until its
wings greet the golden eye resting
on the ocean's shore

silhouetted shadow cast upon a crimson sky,
moments before in daylight it could see
its reflection cast in the liquid of earth
below and so it asks itself
which is truly me, the shadow in the sky or 
the reflection in the sea ?

by nature, in that the osprey asked the same
question as i…are our souls connected
not just in spirit or from the sea and so if they are
when my shadow casts and i breathe,
are we, too, the same, you and me ?