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Saturday, March 21, 2015

welcome, Primavera

the soft of night hovers over me
and we smile at each other as the
moon beams kiss my cheeks and the
stars glitter seemingly with a snicker
for the spirit of ‘Primavera’ (Spring)
has come to visit

the yellow golden orb rises earlier
awakening  in its silent warmth and
giving verve of  who its fingers touch
and the wait has been too long but finally
the cold grey has been pushed away
now dressing the day with Spring’s delight

where have you been oh sweet, sweet Spring
for you’ve been greatly missed amidst
the Winter’s cold that stayed it’s welcome
far too long as it has dampened the spirit
of smiles with its gloom of day yet at night
in cold despair the crackling embers in
fireplaces kept humble some tender moments

oh, Spring, please remove your winter coat
and show us your floral dress and let the
hummingbirds and honey bees dance along
with the passion flowers that align your hem
and that sunflower, let it sway in the breeze
with the flowing richness of your hair
blowing in the breath of warming air

please sit with me here let’s have some
morning sun drenched tea and let me
tell you of what Winter’s wrought upon
so many with its angry winds and frigid snow
the writ of history will tell its toll
but let’s now dwell upon the freshness
of your smile and that you, my Spring,
will give us the pleasure of your stay, a while